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1 class a week - $69
2 classes a week - $99
Each additional class a week adds $30 to monthly tuition

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - Receive $10 off when monthly tuition is paid by the 20th of the prior month

Recreational Gymnastics

Twisters provides a fun Recreational Gymnastics program that features all four Women's Olympic events: Vault, Floor, Beam, and Bars!

Our program appeals to athletes of any age or ability, allowing them to progress at their own pace to each respective level in a safe learning environment.


Preschool Gymnastics


For gymnasts 3-5 years old, our Preschool Gymnastics program allows gymnasts to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics on modified equipment.

Gymnasts will focus on developing coordination, social skills, listening, and gross motor skills in a safe, fun, and positive atmosphere.

Homeschool Gymnastics

Twisters provides a daytime Homeschool fitness program where students learn physical education, gymnastics, and standard exercises like running, jump rope, sit-ups, push-ups, and other physical conditioning.

Classes are offered for Boys and Girls ages 6 and up as well as preschool siblings ages 3-5.


Competitive Team


Twisters hosts a Competitive Gymnastics program for girls ages 5+ in a positive environment, based around teamwork and hard work! We take careful effort to ensure that athletes maintain a manageable workout schedule at all competitive levels.

Our competitive athletes compete in multiple leagues ranging from local to national competitions, traveling near and far to secure their victories!

Tryout or instructor approval required prior to joining Team.

Girls Tumbling

Our Girls Tumbling class is built for gymnasts and cheerleaders that want to work towards that coveted back handspring and more. With a focus on form and proper progressions, this class is perfect for all your tumbling goals and is open to athletes of all skill levels.


Boys Tumbling


Twisters offers a fast-paced, fun Boys Tumbling class focused on tumbling fundamentals, skills, drills, and progressions for back and front tumbling.

Cheer and Jumps

We combine gymnastic tumbling, dance, jumps and cheer motions into one hour long lesson! Our Cheer Basics classes are perfect for gaining the skills needed for your child to participate in local beginner or advanced cheer programs or just for fun!

We also offer a 1 hour cheer-based class that focuses on proper technique for cheerleading jumps and tumbling. With a focus on gaining strength and coordination, as well as drills for bigger tumbling skills, this class is perfect for beginners or established cheerleaders looking to train and improve!


Aerial Silks


Sporting the tallest Aerial silk rigs in the Tulsa area, our Recreational Aerial Arts program offers students the environment to learn, condition, and train to preform acts often seen in circuses around the world.

Before students take flight, they are safely taught the basics and fundamentals of each skill where they then learn to combine their abilities together in the air to create their own breathtaking routines.

Parkour and Freerunning

Originally created as a method to efficiently move from point A to point B, Parkour in our modern day has evolved into a sport of creativity and pushing the bounds of what is thought to be possible.

At Twisters, we structure our environment to build a solid foundation of safety and coordination before guiding each student individually along their creative path, allowing them to find and express their preferred style and methods of movement.


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